Welcome to Eggplant!

This project started out with the working title “FoodNet”. But that was never meant to be the real name of the project. It was just a descriptive title to put on the project grant application.

So, we’ve been dancing around this for a while now, and as part of the latest hack day, it was finally time to settle on a proper name for the project. Both in order to buy and set up a proper top-level domain name, but also to build an identity (logo, design, etc.) for the project.

So Andreas sent out a poll with a number of name suggestions, and the related domain names that it would be possible to buy.

The field was soon whittled down to three candidates: FoodNet, Potluck and Eggplant. And on the hack day, the name was put to a vote among the people present.

It didn’t take long to name the project Eggplant.

As Mikkel wrote in his recommendation for the name: “An eggplant looks elegant, dark and shiny. Easy to make a good logo. Is a suitably generic name to not only communicate “food coop”, but still has a clear reference to the root of the project. Has 8 letters, which is a magic number for project and domain names.”

So, now we’ve bought the eggplant.dk domain and will be setting up the project website here in the coming weeks.

Now we just have to find the proper logo… 😛

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