Status for Eggplant

These days, we’re getting quite a few mails from food co-ops interested in using and testing Eggplant. So I thought this would be a good time to give a short status on the development:

For the past few months, all development has been done by our community of volunteer developers. And even though we’ve had some good hack days and quite a few interested developers, development overall has been slow.

We’ve spent a lot of time refactoring the code, writing documentation and making it easier for new developers to get onboard and contribute to the project. And this means that there hasn’t been a lot of changes on the user side of things. At present, functionality consists of a connection ot a payment gateway (, and all the plumbing necessary to ensure safe payment. You can check out the current prototype here, and log in with the following to test the functionality:

password: test_account_owner

We’ve also developed a set of clickable wireframes as a shared reference for the functionality that we’re aiming for. You can check them out here.

For the coming weeks, we’re having a final Scrum sprint in collaboration with Socialsquare, the consultants leading initial development of the platform. Together, we’ve set up a milestone for what we hope to achieve. Check it out on GitHub here.

We’ve decided not to rush developing a product that can be tested quickly but which will prove difficult to maintain in the longer run. Instead, we’re focusing on building and documenting a solid foundation that new and old volunteer developers easily can work with and build on. By the end of the sprint, we hope to have a well documented basis and a number of small, well-defined concrete issues that developers can get started with fairly easily and continue the work.

As you can see, the system is far from done yet. And it’s difficult to estimate how quickly it will progress as it depends on the time and energy of the volunteer developers. We hope to have the core system ready for at test in December or early 2016. A number of Danish food co-ops have enquired about testing the system, and to begin with, we’ll probably focus on one food co-op.

But until then, our biggest need us to build a strong and engaged group of developers building the system. So if you’re Python and Django – or want to learn these technologies – please join us for one of our upcoming hack days. And if you can make it in-person. Ping me on our Slack channel, and we’ll set up a Google Hangouts channel to make it easy to join in long-distance. 🙂


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