Sprint 2 Review June 15th 2015


1. Sprint review
Team Blue and Team Green presented the results of their work in Sprint 2:

Team Blue: Had their first hack day on June 6th. 8 developers joined in, and got their systems set up and started hacking. Most of the work focused on setting up the infrastructure for regression testing and refactoring the code. The main work is in getting people involved and taking ownership of the project.

Team Green: Marie-Louise has done a few interviews and some qualitative research to get a better understanding of the food co-ops. She and Martin has started designing mock-ups for the various screens in the system. See a first draft of the user dashboard here: https://foodnet.mybalsamiq.com/projects/foodnet/Member%20dashboard

The main learnings from Sprint 2 has been:

  • to focus on face-to-face events such as hack days. We expect a good gathering for the hack day on June 21st.
  • All face-to-face meetings should have a work-focus so it isn’t just talking but actually working together.
  • To have a clear process for contributing code. When is code “done”? When it is ready for review? When it is deployed? We need to figure out which developers are in charge of the GitHub repository, reviewing and accepting pull requests and giving feedback.
  • Similarly, we would like to have a core group of developers who also have access to the hosted version of the system on Heroku so that the latest additions and changes can be deployed regularly.
  • We need more precise and concise communication about the goals and main features worked on, implemented and delivered each sprint.

Søren and Thomas from the project steering committee attended the meeting and gave their feedback on the priorities and functionality of the system.

2. communal dinner
We had a couple of nice salads – including roasted Eggplant. 🙂

3. Planning the upcoming hack day (Sunday 21st of June) and following the coming months
We spent some time adding more user stories on Pivotal Tracker to work on for the hack day on Saturday. The goal is to make the hack day a small sprint in its own right, beginning with a short introduction and sprint planning session, then hacking and finally a little review before celebrating the day’s work.

Following this hack day, the project will be on a summer holiday in July where people can work on their tasks. We’ll send out a doodle for the next hack day in August.

In August, we’ll also have a Green Team user research workshop with representatives from the food coops to give feedback and help develop mock-ups and user stories for the system.

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