Kick-off workshop April 11th 2015

Summary of the day (and check out all of the photos here!)

foodNet team

1. Introductions
Christian presented a little about Socialsquare, and Andreas led a little “conversation salon” to warm people up and get to know each other a little bit.

2. Background and vision
Andreas gave a brief intro to the food coops and how this project has come about.
You can find Andreas’ presentation here.

3. Design challenges
Martin gave an introduction to the design challenges for the project, and led the team in a group exercise to identify the vision for the project.
You can find Martin’s presentation here.

The four groups summed up their visions in the form:

For [target group]
Who [statement of need]
Our platform is a [product category]
That provides [key benefits, compelling reasons to use]
Unlike [primary alternatives]
Our platform offers [what makes this product different]

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

For …
food coops,
new coops starting up
passive members,
community-driven projects (in the long run)

Who …
wants to particpate,
wants to stay updated
wants to coordinate
wants buy/order products
build community
make the boring stuff easy to do

Our platform is a …
web app self-service dashboard
an administration system
community organising tool

That provides …
an integrated platform (no silos!)
mobile app
interfacing with other systems (online banking, facebook, etc.)- API

Unlike …
Other consumer relations management systems (such as Microsoft Dynamic CMS or CiviCRM)

Our platform offers …
Lets members organise rather than merely letting administrators organise members.

For …
tech illiterates, old people
potential members
nerds vs. newbies
potential coops

Who …
(members) has problems with roles and tasks, who to ask
(admins) plan, manage, no oversight, who to ask?
(old, tech illiterate) the one not “online”
(farmers) needs consistency

Our platform is a …
management for food coops
– social group
– digital backend
– collaborative enabler
– coop enabler
– continuity met
– software as service vs. installable package
– customizable look, feel, function

That provides …
easy way to join and participate in a coop from .. to full member
from consumer to contributor
easy way to communicate and organise
easy way to manage secure payment / planning
structured knowledge
ad hoc communication

Unlike …
Facebook / Podio /Slack / the mess we use today / MS Project

Our platform offers …
hooks for online
mobile first! (SMS / texts)
dumb phone, maybe
functional core with modular
open source (github!)

For …
coop admin
coop members
coop volunteers
coop consumers


Who …
plan resources
easy to use and make people happy!
to buy
process efficiency

Our platform is a …
web mobile platform
membership platform
enterprise resource planning

That provides …
front end:

  • user administration
  • toolbox for all users
  • resource planning
  • shop
  • decision making system

back end:

  • accounting purchasing
  • complaints handling

Unlike …
Google Docs

Our platform offers …

All of the above (except unlike!)

For …
loosely organised groups of people

– members
different levels/roles

Who …
“voluntary condition/challenge”
expectation management
need coordination (tools)
less need for physical meetings
ordering / payments
organize shifts

Our platform is a …
organization tool + webshop
tool, system
collaboration area
common memory
a “game” – only winners

That provides …
needed overview
single access point
decision support

Unlike …
google docs
homemade specific undocumented systems

Our platform offers …

4. How can we collaborate as a group?
Kræn gave an introduction to the Scrum project management framework: The sprints, the roles, the meetings, the tools, the teams.
You can find Kræn’s presentation here.
UPDATE: We now use Pivotal Tracker to manage User Stories and tickets. More here:

Kræn suggested that we establish a Green team and a Blue team:

  • Team Green focuses on user research, exploring needs and writing user stories and refining the product backlog
  • Team Blue focuses on building the product based on the items on the product backlog

5. Core values for the project
Andreas led a workshop where the team sought to define the shared values and goals for the project. So that we all have a shared understanding of the kind project we are starting together.
You can find Andreas’ presentation on core values here (at the end of the presentation).

The groups suggestions for core values for the projects were:

Group 1

  • Simple (Keep it simple, stupid!)
  • Flexible (A flexible product, a community that embraces flexible commitment)
  • Sustainable (easy to maintain)
  • Open (honest, transparent, Room for learning, considerate)
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Fun


Group 2

  • Ambitious and fun
  • Inclusive and learner-friendly
  • Modular and scalable
  • Open community and platform
  • Transparent process and product


Group 3

  • Realistic
  • Democratic
  • Open and friendly
  • Both user-friendly and developer-friendly
  • Effective
  • Fun
  • Ambitious


Group 4

  • Free as in freedom (Open source)
  • Free as in beer
  • Democratic
  • Easy to use / “visually edible”
  • Useful / effective / supports actual needs
  • Respectful

6. Next Steps
Andreas, Christian, Kræn and Martin suggested the following next steps:

  • The whole team (Green and Blue) meets for a Sprint Planning meeting on Monday the 20th of April at 17.00 at Socialsquare HQ, Vestergade 20c to plan out Sprint 1. This includes defining tasks for both Team Green and Team Blue so that they can get started with their work.
  • Andreas will sum up the work from the workshop and write a first draft of a vision for the project and a set of core values to be presented at the Sprint Planning meeting.
  • UPDATE: We now use Pivotal Tracker to manage User Stories and tickets. More here:
  • Andreas has set up a Slack group where all team members can coordinate their work between sprint meetings.
  • Oh, and we have to decide on a real name for the project. You can see all the suggestions so far here. 🙂

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