Hackday #4 summary

On Saturday, we had our fourth hackday. Personally, I think it was our best one yet. 🙂

We got some good work done, too:

Pawel fixed it so that a new account is automatically created when a new user signs up. Also cleared up a few issues with the sign-up form.

Benjamin implemented an automatic check for pep8 so that pull requests that does not match the style guide will fail the Travis tests. He also found time to set up Cover-alls so it works, and an autogenerated developers’ reference called Sphinx. Check it out here.

Martin finished up designing not only a logo and logotype for the project. He also whipped up a whole set of flavicons and a first draft for a complete styleguide. Check it out here.

Andreas polished off a prototype of the system in Balsamiq, including front page and check-out screens. You can check the whole flow here.

Next hackathon will be on Saturday, September 5th. Give us a heads-up if you plan to attend here. Please note that this time, we’re meeting up at the co-working space Tranevej 20 – located at Tranevej 20, Copenhagen NV.

Hope to see you there!

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