Hackday #2 June 21st 2015

Building on the momentum and experiences of our first hackday, we set up a second straight away, before the summer holidays set in and announced it in our new MeetUp group where all meetings and hackathons will be announced from now on.

The day was set up as a small scrum sprint in its own right, complete with initial sprint planning, hacking, sprint review, and a sprint retrospective over pizza.

A lot of good work was done as part of the hackday – check out the details on Balsamiq or on Pivotal Tracker.

There is a lot of work in progress, and so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to organise impromptu hack days throughout the summer. Announce in them in the Slack channel, and we’ll add them to the MeetUp group. 🙂

The next big hack day will be in the beginning of August. We’ve sent out a doodle to find the date. Add your preferences here.

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