Hack day #5 Summary


Another nice hack day, where we welcomed Pietro and Marie to the team:

Pietro is a programmer from Italy, and he’s joined Team Blue. Though he’s work with web development for years, he’s new to Python and Django, so he spent the day getting set up and diving into the docs.

Marie is an anthropologist, working on her thesis at the IT University. She’s interested in open source development and is studying Eggplant as part of her fieldwork. She joined Andreas in sketching wireframes for the membership administration flow in Balsamiq. Basically, they have added more depth to the clickable prototype here. Click on the different roles underneath the member profile on the left to access the various administration functionality.

Benjamin spent most of his time reviewing and refactoring Pawel’s code for the webshop module. It’s now growing into more of Markets module that also can handle accounts and invoicing and more. Check out the work in progress on GitHub here.

All in all, good work was done. But we hope to see some more good folks at the next hack day, which will be Saturday October 3rd, also at Tranevej 20. Let us know if you’re coming on Meetup.

For the next hack day, we’d like to focus on the following tasks:

  • Design the flow for signing up for shifts in Balsamiq
  • Implement a coherent stylesheet and look for the system based on Martin’s styleguide
  • Implementing translation templates to make it easy to translate the system to other languages (including Danish!)
  • Continue work on Markets module
  • Determine and define the features/issues necessary to reach our first milestone: A minimal viable product to be tested in one of the local food co-ops (Andreas is in touch with several co-ops interested in testing the system)

If you’re new to the project and interested in contributing, join us on Slack and give a shout. We’ll be happy to give you an introduction. 🙂

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