Bi-weekly hack nights

We had a good hack night yesterday. Check out the photos here. Next hack day is Monday the 2nd of November – same time, same place. 🙂

From here on in, we’ll aim at doing bi-weekly hack nights at Tranevej 20. We haven’t settled on a specific weekday yet, but will try to accomodate everybody.

Current status for development is that we have a huge pull request that Benjamin has been working on for the past month, refactoring Pawel’s webshop module into a bigger Market module that both covers webshop, payments and accounting. When this PR is merged in, we’ll have a solid basis for adding features towards a Minimum Viable Product.

We’re also trying to add a number of small “quick or easy” tasks on the Issue tracker for new developers to get started with. Check them out here. If you have any questions, give us a holler on Slack. 🙂

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