Backlog refinement meeting June 9th 2015


FoodNet backlog refinement

1. Evaluation of the process so far
It’s been difficult to get people involved in the project so far. There are a lot of online tools to navigate, and not enough interaction yet. At first, we thought that volunteers would prefer to work on concrete tasks at home when it suited them, and that having too many in-person meetings would turn them off.
But based on our experiences with the first Hack Day on Saturday, June 6th, we have come to the conclusion that we need to focus on creating occasions for the teams to come together, work together and get to know one another. It’s the working and learning and talking together in-person that is central, and once people get involved, the online communication will follow.

So going forward, we will:

  • Organize more hack days, perhaps even setting up a day every other weekend where people can get together and work on their tasks.
  • Take more photos and show everybody the work being done and how much fun we’re having. 🙂
  • More activity on Slack
  • Advertise the project more widely and recruit more developers (this also requires settling on a name for the project, see below)
  • Make an effort to get in touch with all of the people who have expressed interest in the project so far. And ask them individually if they’re still interested and invite them for the next hack day.
  • Set up a group for the project on to make it easier for interested developers and others already on that platform to join in.
  • Send out Calendar invitations to community members who prefer to receive meeting invites that way.

2. Backlog refinement and mockups
Marie-Louise has managed to get us a open source project license for the Balsamiq Mockups tool (see a video and their website). Get in touch with her on Slack to receive an invite and get started.

We discussed the “shifts and tasks” module of the system, and began sketching out a few mockups of the user dashboard, which Marie-Louise will synthesize into a few examples in Balsamiq. Andreas will send these mock-ups out to the various food coops for commentary and as a way to get more food coop members involved in the project.
We also found that working with sketches and mock-ups was a really good and concrete way to start discussion of a new Epic, and the related User Stories. For the coming hack days and backlog refinement meetings, we will focus a lot of the work of Green Team on producing mock-ups and using them as the basis for the development of User Stories for the Product Backlog.

3. Next hack day
We sent out a doodle to find the date for the next hack day. The result was unanimous: The next hack day will be Sunday the 21st of June at Socialsquare HQ, Vestergade 20C.
Both Blue Team and Green Team will be there, working on their respective tasks.

4. Project name
As the project grows, it is becoming more and more important to find a good name for it. “FoodNet” was never meant to be the real name of the project. It was just a descriptive title to put on the project grant application. So, we’ve been dancing around this for a while now, and it’s time to settle on a proper name for the project. Both in order to buy and set up a proper top-level domain name, but also to build an identity (logo, design, etc.) for the project.
Andreas has set up a poll with name suggestions. Cast your vote, or add your suggestion. Final decision will be made at the Hack Day on the 21st of June!

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