About Eggplant

Eggplant is an open source web application that provides simple and flexible infrastructure for organizing food coops and other local community-driven projects.

The platform will be an all-in-one dashboard and toolbox for food coops and other community-driven projects whose members want to coordinate shared resources, tasks and products. This includes handling orders and payment, coordinating tasks and shifts and the organizing deliveries from local farmers.

Many of these functions are equally relevant in other member-run organizations such as urban gardens, swap markets, makerspaces and tool libraries. In this way, the platform will not only be of use for Danish food coops but by local community projects all over the world!

How the platform is developed?

  • We’re developing the platform in the high-level Python Web framework Django. The project is a dedicated free and open source software project, though we have yet to pick a software license.
  • We are coordinating our work online on GitHub and on our channels on Slack.
  • We meet face-to-face for bi-weekly hack days in Copenhagen, typically on Saturdays. These hack days are planned via MeetUp.com.
  • To ensure the longterm sustainability and flexibility of the project and the platform, all development and documentation will be in English.
  • Our goal is to create a fun, interesting and effective project for all involved. And we hope that a lot of you will be interested in participating in the project as volunteer developers.
  • To us, “developers” is a very wide term. It doesn’t necessarily mean programming the product. It might just as well be contributing by conceptualising and writing the user stories that shape the product, or by helping to write the documentation.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please write us at eggplant@kbhff.dk